Way of Life

On Women’s day..

To the hands that were a shield,
When I was just a yield,
That couldn’t even have survived,
has now strived,
so far to stand on my feet,
even buy others a treat,
But still very frequently,
and diligently,
those hands come to the rescue,
When I loose the clue,
to walk past the problems, their pain,
for all the guidance and support I gain,
for the debt that I can never repay,
to the mom, happy women’s day.

To the first and the truest friend,
meant to stay till the end,
a filler to the morality,
a protection to my fragility,
to the second mother,
who bestowed upon me,
the relationship of being a brother,
the greatest gift I can ever have,
like whom there can’t be any other,
Without her, my life is incomplete,
like without a pen and a blank sheet,
who is a light in the nebulous days,
to that sister, Happy women’s day.

Friends don’t matter,
if they are just to natter,
A friend should connect,
the dots that are specked,
to complete your image,
that you have never envisaged,
to hand over the relay,
A lady’s role come into play,
They teach you composure and compassion,
to do everything with convention,
who projects the meaning of humane,
is always a woman,
Not a few , but two,
that help me construe,
my life as a whole each day,
to prevent me go astray,
to those friends, Happy women’s day.

*Wish you all the ladies, happy women’s day*


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