Way of Life

100+ family : Thanks to all of you.

I should admit this: I anticipated this day to come much much earlier. But that doesn’t mean that it means less. Nevertheless, it now means a lot more. And I would like to thank you all guys who are a part of this. It is because of all of you that I keep writing and keep improving.

I am not saying I have achieved a lot, but I do not want to disparage all of your indirect contribution by not thanking for my first milestone.

I want to share my expectations vs the journey till now in brief.

When I started blogging, my first thoughts were to have as many followers as I can in the shortest span of time possible. Though I never used marketing techniques except once to be honest, I relied on the content. But it was such a slow process that it was heart wrenching. And due to my hectic schedule of post graduation, I am never consistent in wiriting.

Then I realised that though marketing is a parameter, I should also work upon my skills. Improvement should be continuous. I mustered all the courage and swore to never give up again. And here I am, still writing.

And to be honest, I am liking this slow pace now. It gives me a lot of time to contemplate and improve.

Looking forward for next milestone.

Thank-you all once again. 🙂



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