This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

A warm welcome!

I am Jasmeet Singh. An engineer, currently pursuing Master of Business Administration with interest in psychology and human behavior.

I find greatest contentment and satisfaction in lifting others alongĀ  with me.I always believe that for any individual, there is always a never ending scope for improvement.Happiness is a path that is a choice.A person’s brain is the source for most of his sorrows as well as most of his happiness.

Writing has always been my passion.I love to write, and is hoping not a fame, but a platform from where I can interact with a whole lot of people through my writing and help to bring a change in a constructive way.I hope, slowly and steadily, I am marching towards my goal.I hope my writing amuses you in some way.Stay, Encourage and put forward your opinions too.I love to learn as a continuous process in my life from others.